Telegram to MT4 Signal Copier


Telegram to MT4 Signal Copier

No more missing Signals.

Product FeaturesTelegram to MT4 Signal Copier
Telegram Signal Copier can read signal directly from your subscribed channel and copy to your mt4 instantly.
*Unlimited Mt4 Connections
*Unlimited Signal Provider Connections
*Lifetime License
*Lifetime Support and Updates.

disadvantages of normal signal channels
  • You need to manually submit the order. 

  • You need to apply updates from channels.

  • In some channels, you will receive multiple take profit values and manually need to adjust them. 

  • You might miss some signals. 

  • Order activation delay from signal affects your profit.

  • If you miss updates from channel, you will lose your wallet.

  • You need to be on alert always. 

Benefits in automated signal servers
  • Automatically orders are submitted, amended and closed in real time.

  • You will not miss any signal. 

  • You can enable dynamic stop loss and our system protects order by adjusting stop loss value. 

  • There are adjustable parameters to change as you wish.

  • You can use multiple channels in the same account and customise them.

  • There are so many validations. So no invalid signals are activated.

  • Salvage mechanism if any conflict is happened. 

  • We will monitor and be on alert on behalf of you.